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Found 3 results

  1. Penta_$

    my name

    hello I wanted to tell you that I have a new internet and better than the previous one and I went back to samp :) but when I enter the game I get that my name must contain certain things and my name is as it had before Penta_Vzla
  2. hello I have a problem I was playing right now and it had the name of KingOfTheDead and I changed it to Penta_ $ and after a while I tried to return it to the name of king and it told me that it was in use and how can I recover it they wanted to remove it and that account with the name of king has no list what they were for evil ... help!
  3. hello good night and had a problem a player copied my name try to talk to him but use it only to bother nesecito help! my name is game is [VIP]Penta and the player placed [VIP]Pentaa solo agrego una (a) mas solo para molestar
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