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  1. Here is skin id's in gta sa , VIP can use it. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/All_Skins_Page There is also a list of colour codes which we can use to cahnge car colour ex: " /cc 10 20" Finally you can choose your weather by /weather id codes are here or you can click this link http://weedarr.wikidot.com/weather Most special is 250 try it out :
  2. I am very excited that what will be the next update. As declared by LVGW. Comment your guessing s till it is declared.
  3. So you play with name Pinky_Star . 😀😀😀 Ok can you tell me what is that green +2 below my logo means ??
  4. How can i become Moderator , i want to become.
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