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  1. Pinky_Boi

    Frag #2

    Great bro lite foot on this FPS great 🙂
  2. Its your reputation bro 🙂
  3. Hi all i feel sad to say that i am offline from server due to some issues,I am building my new gaming pc , I hope it will done tomorrow. Best Regards.
  4. Pinky_Boi

    Some Duels

    I like your comment.
  5. Idk i get this mode by my friend.
  6. My first time in VIP team but i am alone xd.
  7. Welcome here ,if you think you are innocent than make unban appeal.
  8. what is cartoon mod?
  9. but i am using xorke skin which is the best
  10. Welcome here and enjoy your stay here ❤️
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