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  1. my appeal is complete.
    Check it please!

  2. Hey..
    Can you check my appeal?
    i'm dieing of not playing on your server..

    and not killing people.
    or rage quit of getting killed..
    pls help!


  3. Maybe you should add an :
    "killing team-mate's will result a ban" to the server rule's because of these reason's.

    -team-mates can run you over with car, and make the car stand still so you die

    -when you are in the car your team-mates can throw a grenade at you and you get "BOOMED"

    i hope this will get fixed because my team-mates are in my nerves

  4. Hello, I would like to let you know about my experience about LV-GW this server is a really good server and I spend much of my free time on it. I even play with my cousin sometimes, but there is a thing that every server had face to 'hackers' sadly this server's anti-cheat is being developed and its still weak and it might catch some of the hackers. it might take a 10m or 30m or even 1h to ban that person. the only hope that can prevent that is a staff member joining in. and ban the person. but we don't have a lot of staff members that are online.. I understand its a team of 4 but maybe you have to hire some staff member's that are really active. You can start by 
    "Helper" Rank.


  5. i'm sorry that i am posting here
    but kindly, can you respond to my message?

  6. you made a great server..
    im having fun playing on it

    maybe you should add special cars to mafia and cluckers like you did to cops..
    (500 score one :P)

    1. lvgw


      Thanks! I plan on doing that 🙂

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