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  1. Kronos

    Frag #2

    i cant do lifefoot with deagle or shotgun, only with sniper, cause my fps never increase of 70
  2. Kronos

    Frag #2

    I hope you enjoy this frag 😄
  3. Kronos

    SS :D

    I´m boring, so sorry for wasting ur time https://imgur.com/a/ojeMQFH have a nice day XDDDD
  4. Kronos

    Some frags

    Sorry for low quality
  5. Kronos

    My monatges

    Can u send me that mod? Anyways nice video
  6. thx, but is the same problem, they always ban my account, the first time I was banned for aimbot, i dont have aim :/
  7. I have a question, why do I get banned and after a few days I'm unbanned, i just want play ur server i know the rules, and i respect that rules, any suggestion?
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