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  1. Penta_$


    no thanks bro
  2. hello if I have low fps but the game is not slow to me, the weapons do not lower fps, the effects little only when it shoots to the ground .. thanks for the advice if you want something you let me know ..
  3. Penta_$


    not only that bad that can not be, it would be good if you add more skins to the game, if that could help them ..
  4. Penta_$


    hello a question I wanted to know if it is valid in this server to have other skin? I have skin from the joker, ect but it is valid ...?
  5. @Lucky I also have ultra real sounds are great, if you are interested in something else, let us know ..
  6. ajajaj ok but subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow the forum does not cost anything and I'll pass it on!
  7. these are some weapons the pack created by me replaces them all and that is just a parachute I have some more, the animations and effects I have to make video I have many more sights available. just ask for something and I pass them video and link ..
  8. oh ok thanks I will pass some images of some mods.
  9. hello to all for players who like new weapons I have a pack of new weapons for the gta, I also have new sights of weapons and sniper and if you like tell me by pm and I have a personal look like the one I have. I like some mod just ask for it here, I have new parachutes with flags and parachute of gta 5, also new animations and effects. I wait for your order ...
  10. @lvgwhello I still can not enter I get this here another image

    gta_sa 2019-03-29 10-38-22-04.jpg

    1. lvgw


      Try now

    2. Penta_$



      It still appears that I am forbidden, do not know what happens?

  11. thanks :v playing the game runs me well is for the recorder that lowers a few fps jajaj
  12. @lvgw thanks I uploaded the video to YouTube and I share it on Facebook to see if I can make more people visit the server. and I give them the ip of the server and the forum :)
  13. Hello everyone, this is an excellent server of samp very good I like it in fact is my favorite, I hope you like the video, if you like some mod let me know and I make a video explaining and I pass them, I hope to visit the server there they will see me . 😍
  14. Penta_$

    Vid on duty

    buen video que programa usas para grabar? es de bajos recursos?
  15. Penta_$

    New video

    gracias tim !! eres gay o que xd
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