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  1. hola jhon tienes que presentar apelacion de prohibicion y mandar unas capturas que ellos te pediran. aca el link de apelacion pero tiene que ser en ingles :v https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=9
  2. Take care also my friends goodbye. I will miss you community.
  3. well I decided to say goodbye to the community because it makes no sense to be in the forum and not being able to play is sad for me, because I lived a lot of good times here and I never changed the server for any one the only server I have in my favorite is this, I want to tell everyone I love you and thanks to this server I met incredible people and we became great friends and I say goodbye to the great wars goodbye ... :'( T_T
  4. @Daniel_Rivers @Lucky que?
  5. Hello how are you? I decided to share this image that was sent to me on my Facebook account I liked it :)
  6. pentaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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      i love you chad plizz stoop banned me plizzz


    4. Perdedor94


      Buenas SEÑOR  @lvgwSoy @Perdedor94primeramete sigo baneado desde hace 1 mes y medio pero queria saber si me pueden ayudar tasIquiera para jugar con otro nombre desbananeme la ip porfa ayudemen  byPerdedor94 cuidence es el mejor server del mundo saludos admini???

  7. Buen video hombre, hola a todos!
  8. nice video man, hello all !
  9. tenes un caonfiguracion buena ??
  10. nice video man, can you help me I need a program to record the gta but not so much lag, currently I use fraps I have a good configuration, but my gta normally goes to 80 or 70 fps and when I record it goes down to 30 !? : 'v
  11. Penta_$

    My monatges

    hola amigo porque la pregunta ?
  12. Penta_$

    My monatges

    wtf I do not understand man explain me better
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