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  1. tenes un caonfiguracion buena ??
  2. nice video man, can you help me I need a program to record the gta but not so much lag, currently I use fraps I have a good configuration, but my gta normally goes to 80 or 70 fps and when I record it goes down to 30 !? : 'v
  3. Penta_$

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    hola amigo porque la pregunta ?
  4. Penta_$

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    wtf I do not understand man explain me better
  5. Penta_$

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    is the anti lag you have, it has the characteristics of the cartoon mod look at the sky and the textures: V
  6. welcome nigga :v xdxd
  7. Penta_$

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    jaja pinky thanks bro nice video! you use cartoon mod?
  8. Penta_$

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    pinky filmaste our duels I had re lag you left me wrong, you left me like noob: vvvvvvv
  9. Penta_$

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    wow pinky friend nice video congratulations :)
  10. wow pinky, Congratulations ! a question do you use cartoon mod?
  11. if bro I have a lot of time on the server on July 1 I have a year on the server :) I hope you are also followed :)
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