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  1. Hello Guys, My problem was fixed, i can log in without any problem, if there is anything i can do to avoid this situation in the future please let me know. Rivers.
  2. Hi Guys, Any notice about my request? Thank you in advance Rivers.
  3. Hi Guys, It happend again, the game is requesting my password but don't let me log, a few days ago the issue was fixed without notice but tonite i have the same problem, can you help me to recover my account? Greetings, Rivers Furse.
  4. Hi guys, I don't know how but the issue is solved, i logged yesterday without any problem (i don't get the password request). Regards, Rivers
  5. Hi, somebody stole my account, today i tried to log but my password was required, a password requirement didn't happend in the last year every time i log, i already entered the correct password but it says the password is wrong, how can i recover my account? Some friends tells me it happends to they but i didn't believe it until now, i saw by my own. Thanks in advance. Rivers Furse.
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