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  1. Hello again! Thank you kindly for your concern about my account in-game. Happens that I didn't want my 1515 score to be reseted or lost in the void. 😜 Since this topic is no longer needed to be opened, I want to request its 'closure or its' archiving depending on what procedure you'd find most suitable. Bottom line is I am grateful for your work and keep striving hard on it! P.S.: Server's new features seems to me that it brought astonishing improvements! ~Juicemane
  2. Hi, I am hereby requesting my account on LV-GW that is under the name of "Juicemane". Happens that I've forgotten my password and now I'd like to request help regarding it's refund. Name some procedures and I'll cooperate. Can I have my account back? Regards, Juicemane
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