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  1. Can we make a unban appeal?

  2. FeRxZ


    Do you have a premium system?





    You will have to make a section of mods for the gta, thx :)

  4. I am sorry☹️.i never hacked ,u banned me for no reason.Thats really bad bro.

  5. I have replied, please check my content.

  6. All set! New password PM'd to you 🙂
  7. ayam guud

    1. Killa


      Forums not working bro


  8. hi how are you may frand

  9. are you a transformer? lmao

  10. how to become an admin? it's really annoying if you join a server and 0 admins are online but a bunch of cheater...

    1. lvgw


      There is no application process, candidates are chosen for being active, helping other players and providing accurate reports. 

    2. Heisenberg


      alright, thank you

    3. TAMER


      i banned two times from clucka and i will banned him today and appeal mysilf 

  11. Please handle my banned:classic_mellow:

    1. TAMER


      dude go to ban appeal to do it

  12. pls handle my ban appeal 😕

    1. tomas26yt


      mepuden desbanear perdon por equivocarme nunca lo are


    2. tomas26yt


      Mepuden desbanear perdon por equivocarme nunca lo son

       soy Enzo3045ir


    3. tomas26yt


      Mepuden desbanear perdon por equivocarme nunca lo son

       soy Enzo3045ir



    Hi guys, yesterday a person did not know if it was admin, but there were hackers and I was not one of them, Nancy called and banned of course aimbot, but I always play every day there, it's my favorite sv, I had my has 2050 scores, I want to recover it please, I ask you, I want to recover my account with which I played every day for 30 hours, I do not use hacks, I do not see thanks. My account is Al3j4ndr0 

    1. lvgw


      Please start a new topic to discuss this: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?/forum/9-ban-appeals/

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