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  1. Lucky

    New montage

    Long time without up a montage. Was the time!
  2. Maybe can be your GTA try clearing your folder of mods or uninstall your game and install it again because when you press F9 always appear and disappear the deathmenu! Or even can be a bug when you was playing try relog ^.^
  3. Lucky

    Frag #2

    Nice one but how you can litefoot with that fps while you recording?
  4. Lucky

    they took my name

    That was happen with me, with the name '' Lucky ''
  5. That's it's the most annoying method, is better modloader, very simple and dont will made your game have future crashes or non compatibility with your mods.
  6. Hahahahahaha what the fuck?
  7. Try using the releasing @Dadayli's mods.
  8. If i try use a timecyc i can't snip since a far distance and that's results very annoying, i'm will gonna try the shrinker for see how results.
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