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  1. Yes it is allowed. Anymore question(s)?
  2. What messages do you get when you join the server? take a screenshot and post it here. You have 24 hours to reply.
  3. Applications might be opened soon, just check the forums continuously and see if you see the thread re-open and for now just try to get some score and playtime because it may be needed for you to be able to apply.
  4. Regarding the skin change mod, I wouldn't allow that In-Game without permission from the management team. @lvgw and/or @Smokey because we currently have this feature In-Game and is restricted to VIP's so players can work to gain access to the feature. So please wait for approval regarding this mod, for the other's they are allowed as far as I know.
  5. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. Anyone can choose any name, as long as it's not offensive and it isn't against the rule. Do you have any other questions?
  6. UIf you were unbanned after a few days then that means you were placed on a temporary ban and the time has expired. Do you have any other questions?
  7. welcome, but a guy from "Netherlands" saying "nigga"? mhmm, suspicious.
  8. TrapLord


    Thats more of a suggestion than a help request, you can make this suggest in the suggestion section of the forums. Do you have anymore questions? Topic will be closed in 24 hours
  9. TrapLord


    No its not possible. Only server with 0.3dl version can do that, we use 0.3.7. Do you have any other questions?
  10. Topic approved. Please stick to using 1 topic as your mods show room instead of creating new topic's each time also you can add your videos here too.
  11. Ya gta shrinker really works but i dont know about the other files and also when i used shrinker couple years ago it worked but I didn't get 300fps but it increased my fps though
  12. Good for persons with low performance PC's but for persons who play dm and rp servers, this will get you banned on the RP server but it works though
  13. Ok so I gave this person a skin(rear) to edit and he/she did 1 of the edits and never responded, so it's obvious he/she isn't trustworthy since it was given to them from Monday are so and I haven't received a reply, while I was monitoring his/her activity on forums and they last came online on Thursday and still no reply. So that was just a test to see if they could be trusted and potential be paid to do projects for the community, if I think it's worth paying since they were here asking for others to give their idea's etc.. but since they took my skins( pretty rear to find) and never returned it back with the edited version, this topic will be closed to prevent @FeRxZ from stealing other's skin. Locked
  14. Inactive Topic has been closed due to inactivity by the topic creator.
  15. I sent you a pm, I'm really interested in seeing these skins being released. I think this is a great way to show your talent to a community. Hopefully you will even release a skin pack are something.
  16. Nice mods. Do you only do regular/default GTA SA skins modding only because i have some suggestions.
  17. TrapLord

    mods section

    @FeRxZ You can make your own showroom in The Lounge. All you have to do is keep it up to date in order to not get it closed and archived for inactivity (has to be inactive for 5 months to 1 year) and if we notice that a lot of players are interested we will give it it's own section as you requested but for now a showroom will work well. Can ask an admin to unlock at any time as long as it wasn't locked for any rule break reason(s). Title it: [Your Ingame Name] modifications Showroom Post Here: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=14 Do you have any other questions you need help with? the topic will be closed in 23 hours if no response was received.
  18. @Penta_$ sorry there is nothing we can do about that because we can't just ban someone because they copied your name, that's just totally unfair to me. Do you have any more questions?
  19. TrapLord

    New video

    @Lucky, 3 questions, can you share your cluckin bell skin? whats your PC specs? I like the editing as well, what software you use to edit? Nice video btw
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