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    ayuda porfavor

    Buenos días: Por favor si usted al entrar al servidor recibe un mensaje de baneo, cree una apelación en la sección Ban Appeals. Será atendido en ese foro.
  2. Hee Hee

    help my

    The server has no official discord. Any other question?
  3. Hee Hee

    Skin number

    I hope the LVGW response was useful. We are here to answer your questions about the server :)
  4. Follow the instructions of @Lucky and @Kleiber_Marquez.
  5. Go to Ban Appeals and make one.
  6. The server has autologin system, it is always good to have your password in memory. @lvgw
  7. Try typing the last password you remember.
  8. Hee Hee


    I was the post number 4000 xd I feel proud 😊
  9. Hee Hee


    4000 total posts, yeah!!!
  10. Hee Hee

    Perdida de cuenta

    Be patient, you will be attended by: @lvgw. There are many mentions. Moderators, wait for lvgw to solve this case.
  11. Hee Hee

    Perdida de cuenta

    Hola! buen día... Me podría decir si ¿Su problema es de no acordarse su nombre en el juego o su contraseña? Además de eso ¿Solo realizo cambios de nombre o también de contraseña? @lvgw See this topic.
  12. I will block this question due to the lack of user response. If you need help, create a new help request.
  13. Hee Hee


    Solo coloca el link de la anterior apelación. Just place the link of the previous appeal.
  14. Hee Hee


    Your idban is 8357, that id is unbanned. You are unbanned . If you're still banned, make a new appeal and show the image when you enter the server, and also attach your previous appeal.
  15. Make an appeal. In the section Ban Appeals.
  16. I am very sorry but if you changed the name, your previous name can be used by anyone. Example: My name is now Las_Venturas, if I change it to San_Fierro, the name of Las_Venturas can be used by someone else for their new account. We can not change the name of the users, only they can do it. Too bad you lost the name.
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