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  1. Cheaters are already vicious enough as it is. If we allowed Cbug, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Auto Cbug hacks would be a big problem as well. I have personally been part of many servers where Cbug was allowed, and they've all closed down...I know I hate cbug and many others are the same. Sorry, but we will never allow Cbug.
  2. lvgw

    Mi Nueva Cuenta

    Seems that the nickname is actually "Ricby_FaZe"
  3. Bienvenido de nuevo hermano ❤️
  4. Your ban appeal will be checked ASAP.
  5. penta_vzlaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Penta_$


      chad ❤️ bro

    2. Penta_$


      chad ❤️ bro

  6. lvgw

    Server discord please

    We don't have one.
  7. lvgw

    help my

    Well done, you must be very proud.
  8. lvgw

    Skin number

    https://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Skins:Public Skin 309
  9. lvgw

    farewell letter

    That's sad to hear 😞 Take care.
  10. If you would like a password reset, please PM me.
  11. pentaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    2. anasse




    3. anasse


      i love you chad plizz stoop banned me plizzz


    4. Perdedor94


      Buenas SEÑOR  @lvgwSoy @Perdedor94primeramete sigo baneado desde hace 1 mes y medio pero queria saber si me pueden ayudar tasIquiera para jugar con otro nombre desbananeme la ip porfa ayudemen  byPerdedor94 cuidence es el mejor server del mundo saludos admini???

  12. lvgw


    4,003 😎
  13. lvgw

    Admin apply (when?)

    We may introduce admin applications shortly - stay tuned! 🙂
  14. Please create a ban appeal: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=announcement&id=4
  15. lvgw

    Perdida de cuenta

    Under your forum account IP address, the only IP that joined the server over the past 30+ days is "TwonkeyShot"
  16. lvgw

    My monatges

    donde estas @Penta_$
  17. lvgw


    Hello! Welcome to Las Venturas Gang Wars! :)
  18. Welcome to LVGW! :)
  19. Hello, can you let me know your nickname ingame?
  20. lvgw

    they took my name

    As a one time courtesy, because the name had no stats at all (0 score, 2 seconds playing time), I have freed up the name for you, so you can /changename to it now. - Como una cortesía de una sola vez, debido a que el nombre no tenía estadísticas (puntuación 0, tiempo de reproducción de 2 segundos), he liberado el nombre para usted, por lo que puede cambiarlo ahora.
  21. lvgw

    Stats problem

    I see a total of 41 kills and 7 deaths under your account. Is this incorrect?
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