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  1. lvgw

    Admin apply (when?)

    We may introduce admin applications shortly - stay tuned! 🙂
  2. Please create a ban appeal: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=announcement&id=4
  3. lvgw

    Perdida de cuenta

    Under your forum account IP address, the only IP that joined the server over the past 30+ days is "TwonkeyShot"
  4. lvgw

    My monatges

    donde estas @Penta_$
  5. lvgw


    Hello! Welcome to Las Venturas Gang Wars! :)
  6. Welcome to LVGW! :)
  7. Hello, can you let me know your nickname ingame?
  8. Welcome 🙂
  9. lvgw

    they took my name

    As a one time courtesy, because the name had no stats at all (0 score, 2 seconds playing time), I have freed up the name for you, so you can /changename to it now. - Como una cortesía de una sola vez, debido a que el nombre no tenía estadísticas (puntuación 0, tiempo de reproducción de 2 segundos), he liberado el nombre para usted, por lo que puede cambiarlo ahora.
  10. lvgw

    Stats problem

    I see a total of 41 kills and 7 deaths under your account. Is this incorrect?
  11. If you have been banned, that's something you'll need to use the ban appeal forum to settle.
  12. Congrats @Lucky and @puperinsky! I'm wondering if I should add kill streaks beyond 40, hmm. Maybe the next one up should be 80 kills? I don't know if anyone (excluding cheaters) has reached a kill streak that high, though.
  13. lvgw

    Blocked IP

    I'll contact you via PM.
  14. Welcome! 🙂
  15. SA:MP Addon is a good option too. Not only does it fix many of GTA:SA/SA:MP's bugs, but it helps with FPS: It also reduces ping slightly. I have a powerful PC which can run much more demanding games, like GTA V, but I can't play SA:MP without SA:MP Addon, the FPS lag is just too severe that the game isn't enjoyable.
  16. Nice montage!! 🙂
  17. Not possible unfortunately. I may consider adding it as a feature for VIPs though.
  18. lvgw


    I think you mean LVGW 🙂 Welcome!
  19. There was an issue whereby it was impossible to exit them, with the only solution being to change team or quit the game. I can foresee "noobs" of all people, for example, leaving because they get stuck, and the risk isn't worth it, in my opinion.
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