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  1. @lvgw we had this talk some time ago about mini-tanks and toys, its pretty cool, but there is some little glitches with them... but still cool lol, with neons even better hehe....
  2. Hello all of you out there, ill be short and sweet... I'm a bit older than most that play around here... for real, but that means nothing at all, just that i don't really do the typical kid stuff and kid swearing and other silly things... I'm here to have fun, help around sometimes when needed already did sometimes and that's ok, i speak a couple of languages, Portuguese is my native language, English is my second almost native one also, and a funky Spanish...gets me by haha! Well for throe's who don't know, i used to be just a developer, mapper and founder of some community's and games, not much of a player due to the lack of time, from roleplay to tdm, to dm to drift to god knows what, some i'm proud some i'm not, i don't actually code for any community's now days, apart from my own projects that i never get to finish or release or just help some people around the sa-mp forums and friends, i'm glad to help, without anything in return after all its fun and i don't really need anything tbh... So hope you guys get along with me surely some already played with me a bit and i'm a bit of a sniper freak! watch your assess! P.s Euro-millions would be nice! lol Regards, [c]Sanchez.
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