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  3. Can we make a unban appeal?

  4. FeRxZ


    Do you have a premium system?





    You will have to make a section of mods for the gta, thx :)

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  7. Hola, no perderás tus puntuaciones, escribe /changename
  8. hola solo queria saber si me pueden cambiar mi nombre sin perder mi score
  9. 6boss


    Closed due to no response.
  10. Penta_$

    my account

    Hi, I wanted to tell you how I do because someone has my name, so when I want to play that person is playing and the server tells me to change the name and I really believe my name long ago thanks
  11. I am sorry☹️.i never hacked ,u banned me for no reason.Thats really bad bro.

  12. I have replied, please check my content.

  13. 6boss


    @DarioB, To get a VIP status it is free, all you have to do is gain 2000 or more score and you will be automatically permitted to use the VIP class. Do you have any other questions?
  14. DarioB


    Hola, soy nuevo, me gustaria saber que manera ahi de obtener rango VIP, cuanto se debe donar? Donde esta la tienda del server
  15. Wow unbanned ty 🙂

  16. 6boss

    change name

    Answered. Feel free to ask any other question(s)that you may have.
  17. Lag

    change name

    ok close the topic
  18. 6boss

    change name

    @Lag , Once you are in game use the command /changename to manually change your name to what you desire. Please remember to use acceptable/appropriate usernames. Is that all or do you have anymore questions?
  19. God_of_Thunder

    change name

    Bro if you see in game /cmds you can also change name,using /changename.
  20. Lag

    change name

    change of name request Lag for Jogador_Tv
  21. Hello again! Thank you kindly for your concern about my account in-game. Happens that I didn't want my 1515 score to be reseted or lost in the void. 😜 Since this topic is no longer needed to be opened, I want to request its 'closure or its' archiving depending on what procedure you'd find most suitable. Bottom line is I am grateful for your work and keep striving hard on it! P.S.: Server's new features seems to me that it brought astonishing improvements! ~Juicemane
  22. All set! New password PM'd to you 🙂
  23. Hi, I am hereby requesting my account on LV-GW that is under the name of "Juicemane". Happens that I've forgotten my password and now I'd like to request help regarding it's refund. Name some procedures and I'll cooperate. Can I have my account back? Regards, Juicemane
  24. ayam guud

    1. Killa


      Forums not working bro


  25. hi how are you may frand

  26. are you a transformer? lmao

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