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    New Video

    hello friends good night, tomorrow or afternoon here I leave a new video I hope you like it!
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  5. ok and what do you remove those mods pass me the links?
  6. Try using the releasing @Dadayli's mods.
  7. hey lucky that fps mods you recommend is to install one of the timecyp but you can not see anything from far, also my pc is slow I need mods to upload a little fps help me?
  8. If i try use a timecyc i can't snip since a far distance and that's results very annoying, i'm will gonna try the shrinker for see how results.
  9. let me know if that helped you :d
  10. can i get unban somebody ban me without reason or is this a bug 



  11. Lucky


    I'm retard too.
  12. [Phsyco_Clown]


    playing with retards huh
  13. default settings but 60 fps instead of 30 . try this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciH2KkRkA-E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y84PZTQVa88
  14. I was use one of that timecyc but when i record i dont reach +100 fps and i have bandicam cracked version too and some fps boost mods, which config do you use in bandicam?
  15. bandicam , cracked version
  16. Which software do you use to record?
  17. Earlier
  18. I am the one player in in the server who was reach the 40 streak because ever i seen 20 kill streak and if any player was reach the 40 streak too i wanna see his screenshot (obviously without die) thanks you, @lvgw ^^/
  19. Congrats @Lucky and @puperinsky! I'm wondering if I should add kill streaks beyond 40, hmm. Maybe the next one up should be 80 kills? I don't know if anyone (excluding cheaters) has reached a kill streak that high, though.
  20. First time hitting 50+ streak I think
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