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Las Venturas Gang Wars


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    hello today I bring you new video I hope you like it, I had it for 3 days but due to light problems in my country and internet I could not upload it, but I hope you like it ...
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    Montage attempt, enjoy
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    hello friends good night, tomorrow or afternoon here I leave a new video I hope you like it!
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    well I decided to say goodbye to the community because it makes no sense to be in the forum and not being able to play is sad for me, because I lived a lot of good times here and I never changed the server for any one the only server I have in my favorite is this, I want to tell everyone I love you and thanks to this server I met incredible people and we became great friends and I say goodbye to the great wars goodbye ... :'( T_T
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    https://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Skins:Public Skin 309
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    I do not use aimbot
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    First video made in this server, I hope you guys will like it!
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    @lvgw thanks I uploaded the video to YouTube and I share it on Facebook to see if I can make more people visit the server. and I give them the ip of the server and the forum :)
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    Very good, you are good friend, I love you ndeah ^^, just change a lot and thank you for my tribute ;)
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    Not possible unfortunately. I may consider adding it as a feature for VIPs though.
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    the file in the description contains all of the lines that you'll need , download it and replace your previous samp.cfg with it , then edit 'Movi Rl' or smth like this to your desired font
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    I hope the LVGW response was useful. We are here to answer your questions about the server :)
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    Hi, it's your gta folder I know because it happened once and it was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling, I hope it helps you.
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    Maybe can be your GTA try clearing your folder of mods or uninstall your game and install it again because when you press F9 always appear and disappear the deathmenu! Or even can be a bug when you was playing try relog ^.^
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    Great bro lite foot on this FPS great 🙂
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    Nice one but how you can litefoot with that fps while you recording?
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    I was the post number 4000 xd I feel proud 😊
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    Hello all of you out there, ill be short and sweet... I'm a bit older than most that play around here... for real, but that means nothing at all, just that i don't really do the typical kid stuff and kid swearing and other silly things... I'm here to have fun, help around sometimes when needed already did sometimes and that's ok, i speak a couple of languages, Portuguese is my native language, English is my second almost native one also, and a funky Spanish...gets me by haha! Well for throe's who don't know, i used to be just a developer, mapper and founder of some community's and games, not much of a player due to the lack of time, from roleplay to tdm, to dm to drift to god knows what, some i'm proud some i'm not, i don't actually code for any community's now days, apart from my own projects that i never get to finish or release or just help some people around the sa-mp forums and friends, i'm glad to help, without anything in return after all its fun and i don't really need anything tbh... So hope you guys get along with me surely some already played with me a bit and i'm a bit of a sniper freak! watch your assess! P.s Euro-millions would be nice! lol Regards, [c]Sanchez.
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    Nice video, mate. I liked the last bit when you shot him down from the bike.
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    Welcome here and enjoy your stay here ❤️
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    Welcome to LVGW! :)
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    Can u send me that mod? Anyways nice video
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    pinky filmaste our duels I had re lag you left me wrong, you left me like noob: vvvvvvv
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    Your computer is a potato. Man, I feel so sorry for you. I will never complain about mine anymore. Nice video, you made him "Taste the Cock". (written on back of your character)
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    Thank you penta hope i see you in game always.
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    As a one time courtesy, because the name had no stats at all (0 score, 2 seconds playing time), I have freed up the name for you, so you can /changename to it now. - Como una cortesía de una sola vez, debido a que el nombre no tenía estadísticas (puntuación 0, tiempo de reproducción de 2 segundos), he liberado el nombre para usted, por lo que puede cambiarlo ahora.
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    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. Anyone can choose any name, as long as it's not offensive and it isn't against the rule. Do you have any other questions?
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    hola, el administrador se disculpa por las molestias, pero ya sabes, me he liberado del correo electrónico, ingresé al servidor y salí prohibido todavía. usted me podría ayudar
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    Topic approved. Please stick to using 1 topic as your mods show room instead of creating new topic's each time also you can add your videos here too.
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    @Penta_$ sorry there is nothing we can do about that because we can't just ban someone because they copied your name, that's just totally unfair to me. Do you have any more questions?
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    @Lucky hello good video lucky a question as the song is called? What electronic songs do you recommend?
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    Wow unbanned ty 🙂
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    There was an issue whereby it was impossible to exit them, with the only solution being to change team or quit the game. I can foresee "noobs" of all people, for example, leaving because they get stuck, and the risk isn't worth it, in my opinion.
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    All set! New password PM'd to you 🙂
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    Try typing the last password you remember.
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