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Las Venturas Gang Wars


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    Divercion 100% ❤️ #Hermanos#❤️
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    Buenos Dias le vengo a preguntar porque en el server no se permite el cbug
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    Y yo, nadie quiere al Penta f para mi dos puntos uve
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    Good! "las aventuras en war"
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    Porque avía descargado Windows 10 xd y ahora estaba descargando de nuevo el 7:v
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    hola soy xX(ghost_19)Xx y mi hermano es XshazanX y se le olvido la clave como puedo recuperarla?? me puede decir por priv porfavor
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    y yo? :'v nadie quiere al penta F para mi :v
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    that was the best day 😏
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    Bienvenido Otra Vez Mano ❤️
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    Cheaters are already vicious enough as it is. If we allowed Cbug, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Auto Cbug hacks would be a big problem as well. I have personally been part of many servers where Cbug was allowed, and they've all closed down...I know I hate cbug and many others are the same. Sorry, but we will never allow Cbug.
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