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Las Venturas Gang Wars


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    hello today I bring you new video I hope you like it, I had it for 3 days but due to light problems in my country and internet I could not upload it, but I hope you like it ...
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    Montage attempt, enjoy
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    hello friends good night, tomorrow or afternoon here I leave a new video I hope you like it!
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    Hello guys my name is Kevin, I'm 22 years old, from France. I'm also the founder of Blood Brothers clan, known in many sa-mp servers. I already posted my first frag video in The Lounge, hope you guys will like it. I'm really enjoying in this server, see you ingame!😁
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    Hello everyone, this is an excellent server of samp very good I like it in fact is my favorite, I hope you like the video, if you like some mod let me know and I make a video explaining and I pass them, I hope to visit the server there they will see me . 😍
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    SA:MP Addon is a good option too. Not only does it fix many of GTA:SA/SA:MP's bugs, but it helps with FPS: It also reduces ping slightly. I have a powerful PC which can run much more demanding games, like GTA V, but I can't play SA:MP without SA:MP Addon, the FPS lag is just too severe that the game isn't enjoyable.
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    4000 total posts, yeah!!!
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    buenos dias señor lvgw me banearon sin ser hacker estaba en una batalla desde un edificio y al momento me salio baneed y no me deja entrar porfa ayudeme si?
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    I do not use aimbot
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    Please create a ban appeal: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=announcement&id=4
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    this is some short but i think its nice, rate it thank you ^^
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    download and play 8)
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    First video made in this server, I hope you guys will like it!
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    @lvgw thanks I uploaded the video to YouTube and I share it on Facebook to see if I can make more people visit the server. and I give them the ip of the server and the forum :)
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    Very good, you are good friend, I love you ndeah ^^, just change a lot and thank you for my tribute ;)
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    Then I will release some skins / despues voy a relear algunos skins. If you have ideas for skins, you can say them. They can also post their skins or modifications of the GTA. Si tienen ideas para hacer algunos skins, pueden decirlas. Tambien pueden postear sus skins o modificaciones del GTA.
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    Not possible unfortunately. I may consider adding it as a feature for VIPs though.
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    Hello admins! > I do not have it installed, but I think it would be very useful to solve the AXIS Y problem. 😣 > When i use low sensitivy, The AXIS X change its sensitivy but, the AXIS Y doesn't change its sensitivity and stays with a high sensitivity, so, SensitivityFix.cs it's a cleo mod for fix that problem. I can not play with high sensitivity because i'm used to playing "CS:GO" XD > SensitivyFix.cs is not AimBot 💪 > You can see in the video, but... even then it would be legal or illegal? 👀 Admins you have the last word.
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    I was the post number 4000 xd I feel proud 😊
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    We may introduce admin applications shortly - stay tuned! 🙂
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    Hello all, i am Chicloso. I'm new to this server and I have to say that I like the server its style of play and other things, I hope to get along with you and get to know you ... my favorite pastime is to play samp since I am 4 years old and I still like it more and more, I will not talk much I'll see you in the game Happy day to everyone
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    Sorry for low quality
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    Hola, me banearon no se porque si no uso ningun tipo de hack, en el server hubo un lag muy grande y de ahi me sale que fui baneado del server por favor ayudenme 😭
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    Nice video, mate. I liked the last bit when you shot him down from the bike.
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    nice kills
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    Your computer is a potato. Man, I feel so sorry for you. I will never complain about mine anymore. Nice video, you made him "Taste the Cock". (written on back of your character)
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    Thank you penta hope i see you in game always.
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    Solo coloca el link de la anterior apelación. Just place the link of the previous appeal.
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    As a one time courtesy, because the name had no stats at all (0 score, 2 seconds playing time), I have freed up the name for you, so you can /changename to it now. - Como una cortesía de una sola vez, debido a que el nombre no tenía estadísticas (puntuación 0, tiempo de reproducción de 2 segundos), he liberado el nombre para usted, por lo que puede cambiarlo ahora.
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    That was happen with me, with the name '' Lucky ''
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    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. Anyone can choose any name, as long as it's not offensive and it isn't against the rule. Do you have any other questions?
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    UIf you were unbanned after a few days then that means you were placed on a temporary ban and the time has expired. Do you have any other questions?
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    Nice video :)
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    hello if I have low fps but the game is not slow to me, the weapons do not lower fps, the effects little only when it shoots to the ground .. thanks for the advice if you want something you let me know ..
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    Topic approved. Please stick to using 1 topic as your mods show room instead of creating new topic's each time also you can add your videos here too.
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    @Penta_$ sorry there is nothing we can do about that because we can't just ban someone because they copied your name, that's just totally unfair to me. Do you have any more questions?
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    @Lucky hello good video lucky a question as the song is called? What electronic songs do you recommend?
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    hahaha wi have 2 bans fi our country, u eva get ban? Excellent, my country is doing good hopefully this could be put into a UCP or something where we could see fun stats like players with highest kills and rich list etc...
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