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Las Venturas Gang Wars


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    The management has been considering if they should re-open the admin applications, so please be patient as they make a decision. You can keep on checking the forums though to see if they have made any new announcements about the admin app section. Any other question(s)?
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    well I decided to say goodbye to the community because it makes no sense to be in the forum and not being able to play is sad for me, because I lived a lot of good times here and I never changed the server for any one the only server I have in my favorite is this, I want to tell everyone I love you and thanks to this server I met incredible people and we became great friends and I say goodbye to the great wars goodbye ... :'( T_T
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    Hi, somebody stole my account, today i tried to log but my password was required, a password requirement didn't happend in the last year every time i log, i already entered the correct password but it says the password is wrong, how can i recover my account? Some friends tells me it happends to they but i didn't believe it until now, i saw by my own. Thanks in advance. Rivers Furse.
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    Only way to prove if you are innocent is by appealing again. I've seen where you made a new ban appeal so please be patient and wait for the admin to make a final judgement on your ban.
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    Hermano nos vemos cuidece
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    Buenos días: Por favor si usted al entrar al servidor recibe un mensaje de baneo, cree una apelación en la sección Ban Appeals. Será atendido en ese foro.
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