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    4000 total posts, yeah!!!
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    I do not use aimbot
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    Hello admins! > I do not have it installed, but I think it would be very useful to solve the AXIS Y problem. 😣 > When i use low sensitivy, The AXIS X change its sensitivy but, the AXIS Y doesn't change its sensitivity and stays with a high sensitivity, so, SensitivityFix.cs it's a cleo mod for fix that problem. I can not play with high sensitivity because i'm used to playing "CS:GO" XD > SensitivyFix.cs is not AimBot 💪 > You can see in the video, but... even then it would be legal or illegal? 👀 Admins you have the last word.
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    Yes it is allowed. Anymore question(s)?
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    I was the post number 4000 xd I feel proud 😊
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    We may introduce admin applications shortly - stay tuned! 🙂
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    Please create a ban appeal: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=announcement&id=4
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