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Las Venturas Gang Wars


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    buenos dias señor lvgw me banearon sin ser hacker estaba en una batalla desde un edificio y al momento me salio baneed y no me deja entrar porfa ayudeme si?
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    Please create a ban appeal: https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=announcement&id=4
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    I do not use aimbot
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    We may introduce admin applications shortly - stay tuned! 🙂
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    Buenos dias Gracias Muchas Gracias llame Abre graaaccciass q dios los protejan a todos los Admin y ati Señor lvgm
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    Sorry for low quality
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    Hola, me banearon no se porque si no uso ningun tipo de hack, en el server hubo un lag muy grande y de ahi me sale que fui baneado del server por favor ayudenme 😭
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    Nice video, mate. I liked the last bit when you shot him down from the bike.
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    nice kills
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    this is a good server but iam Sad because my id banned i played honestly
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    yes, in a few words
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