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    well I decided to say goodbye to the community because it makes no sense to be in the forum and not being able to play is sad for me, because I lived a lot of good times here and I never changed the server for any one the only server I have in my favorite is this, I want to tell everyone I love you and thanks to this server I met incredible people and we became great friends and I say goodbye to the great wars goodbye ... :'( T_T
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    you need to edit the samp.cfg file using notepad or ms word , here's a list of possible fonts : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_typefaces_included_with_Microsoft_Windows
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    This could be very useful but where can we get other fonts if possible? because this one might be a little hard for others to read depending on their screen resolution.
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    Well done, you must be very proud.
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    https://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Skins:Public Skin 309
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    Hey Killa, Remember me? I'm Dmerlord and here's my aimbot 🙂
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    i cant do lifefoot with deagle or shotgun, only with sniper, cause my fps never increase of 70
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    Excellent, I have asked all questions that I feel others would like to know the answer too.
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    the file in the description contains all of the lines that you'll need , download it and replace your previous samp.cfg with it , then edit 'Movi Rl' or smth like this to your desired font
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    I hope the LVGW response was useful. We are here to answer your questions about the server :)
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    Hi, it's your gta folder I know because it happened once and it was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling, I hope it helps you.
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    Maybe can be your GTA try clearing your folder of mods or uninstall your game and install it again because when you press F9 always appear and disappear the deathmenu! Or even can be a bug when you was playing try relog ^.^
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    Please follow the instructions that @Penta_ $ has given. If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Topic will be closed due to inactivity.
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    hola jhon tienes que presentar apelacion de prohibicion y mandar unas capturas que ellos te pediran. aca el link de apelacion pero tiene que ser en ingles :v https://lv-gw.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=9
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    Great bro lite foot on this FPS great 🙂
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    Nice one but how you can litefoot with that fps while you recording?
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    plizzzzzzzzzzz im soooryyy plizzzzzzzzzzzzz im soorryyy im frandile not back me may cont plizzzzzzzzzz let me gamme just im not hakrs im suprimi may soibet plizzzzzzzz danile plizzzzz chad plizzz chaos plizzzzzzz toooooo admine plizzz plizzz plizzz let me just gamme im lov you tooo plizz stoop just banned me plizzz plizzzzzzzzzzz danile_rivers plizz helpmi plizz zhelpmi plizzz helpmi plizz helpmi plizz helpmi plizz helpmi
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    Hola, me banearon no se porque si no uso ningun tipo de hack, en el server hubo un lag muy grande y de ahi me sale que fui baneado del server por favor ayudenme 😭
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    hola, el administrador se disculpa por las molestias, pero ya sabes, me he liberado del correo electrónico, ingresé al servidor y salí prohibido todavía. usted me podría ayudar
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    Long time without up a montage. Was the time!
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    Take care also my friends goodbye. I will miss you community.
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    That's sad to hear 😞 Take care.
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    Hello how are you? I decided to share this image that was sent to me on my Facebook account I liked it :)
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    Try typing the last password you remember.
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